Schooner Jakatan

Finished Exterior

The cockpit is big, not great for offshore but good for what we mostly do. The main sheet winch is behind the helm. Jib sheets are accessible to the helm as well. The winch on the port side cabintop is electric and handles the two halyards and fore sheet. The one on starboard is for reef lines. The main and fore sail self-tack so all you have to tend is the jib when coming about. I don't like electronics in a cockpit so all we have are two meters (wind and depth/speed/log) on the bulkhead. Autopilot and anchor windlass control are to port of helm.
There is a traveller for the fore-sail sheet but none for the main because it would interfere with the swim step.

I wanted solid vangs but they didn't work out. The vang on the foresail needs to be slackened to open the forward hatch all the way, and a solid vang on the main boom would prevent the boom from resting in the boom gallows. So we have topping lifts and block and tackle vangs, more complex than I wanted. One advantage of these vangs is they are attached with snatch blocks and easily reattach at the rail to act as preventers. We used them constantly like this on the delivery to San Francisco.
The rest of the photos don't need much commentary, they show the boat sailing and motoring. In case you were wondering, the boat does have a dodger and bimini. They were not completed when these pictures were taken but I like to daysail with neither up anyway. As soon we go for more than a day sail I use the dodger. The bimini frame is shaped to lie just outside of the cockpit so it is largely invisible when not in use. The dodger frame lies on the cabin top.
Left to right, Michel, Mike, and me sailing Jakatan off Sidney.
Above has Eric at helm, Bent on foredeck.